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Top 10 New features in nodeGame 4.x

  1. Home Page: all available games are displayed in a grid of responsive cards in the home page. Customize display of games specifying the card property in the package.json file inside the game folder.

  2. Overhauled User Interface: New game interface with slim header occupying less space.

  3. InfoPanel: customizable drop-down panel to easily display and hide information under the header.

  4. New Widgets and New Widgets Features:

    New Widgets:

    • EndScreen: displays information such as earnings, exit code, feedback and email forms.
    • Feedback: collect feedback (compatible as Choice-Like widget).
    • EmailForm`: widget (compatible as Choice-Like widget).

    New Widget features:

    • #Widget.addFrame() and #Widget.removeFrame() display/remove the border and
      margins around the bodyDiv element of the widget. This way it is easier to compose nested widgets. frame can be passed as an option to the #node.widgets.append() method and if FALSE it behaves like #Widget.removeFrame().
    • All texts and sounds used by widgets can be easily modified via #Widget.setTexts() #Widget.setSounds()`
    • New WaitingRoom widget options:
      • PAGE_TITLE sets page title,
      • ALLOW_PLAY_WITH_BOTS adds a button to the waiting room to fill empty slots with bot players and start the game
      • TEXTS.blinkTitle and SOUNDS.dispatch sound can be disabled passing false.
  5. Wait Screen Countdown: a countdown is displayed in the gray wait screen after a player is done with current step. This way, he or she knows exactly what is the maximum waiting time.

  6. Compute User Bonus: #GameRoom.computeBonus() can be used to save a bonus file and send earned bonus to each player. It integrates with widget EndScreen for easy visualization for end of game parameters.

  7. New Channel Settings:

    Data Directory:

    • roomOwnDataDir: controls if every new room gets a nested data dir,
    • roomCounter: sets the initial room counter,
    • roomCounterChars: adds a padding in front of the room counter.

    noAuth Token:

    • noAuthToken: even when authorization is disabled it is possible to set an authorization cookie to avoid multiple connections from same browser, making also reconnections possible.
  8. Streamlined Client Types: Declaration of client types is a bit easier. No need to return a client type object, it is now automatically assembled from the stager and and the setup object.

  9. Treatment Settings in Views: Views receive the correct settings object depending on treatment. However, if authorization is off, it requires enabling option noAuthCookie in the channel configuration.

  10. New Matcher Features: two additional options: canMatchSameRole, fixedRoles.

Other improvements...

  • Updated connectBot method with more options.
  • Step property frame option can now be also a callback function.
  • Improved logging stream.
  • Updated monitor interface: kick player and connect bots buttons.
  • Using SASS for nodegame.css.
  • Bug fixes.


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