Code for an AVR Chip meant to test the node-bus-pirate library
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Node-Bus-Pirate Tester

This is meant to be a hardware tester for the (node-bus-pirate)[] library.

What you'll need

  • An Atmel AVR chip-- I recommend the ATMega328p. You can get them for about $2/chip
  • An AVR programmer-- I use the SparkFun Pocket programmer
  • Some breadboarding wires
  • A Bus Pirate v3 or v4
  • Node.JS to run the tests
  • AVR-GCC and AVRDUDE or (AVRGIRL-usbtinyisp)[] to flash the firmware

How to intall the firmware

make all

If you don't have (AVRGIRL-usbtinyisp)[] installed:

make main.hex make flash-avrdude

Other makefile commands

  • erase -- uses (AVRGIRL-usbtinyisp)[] to erase the chip
  • clean -- removes all intermediary files and main.hex from the build directory
  • checksig/checksig-avrdude -- checks the signature (using AVRGIRL by default, avrdude when specified)
  • build -- everything from all except flash

Note on language

While I will not change the language from third-party libraries, I dislike "master" and "slave" and use the terms "root" and "peripheral" whenever possible.


  • Makfile will check chip signature
  • I2C peripheral emulation
  • SPI peripheral emulation
  • Flash with AVRGIRL
  • UART peripheral emulation
  • Allow bus pirate to swap modes
  • Write Node tests against AVR device