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NodeBots Day 2016 for Barcelona, Spain!

  • Organizers: @dcanetma, @alfonsofonso
  • Home Page: {Can be your ticket/event page}
  • Ticket Link: {TBD}
  • Location: {TBD}
  • Date: July 30, 2016
  • Hours: 10am-6pm
  • Expected # of attendees: 20 (maybe more later)
  • Sponsors: {Needs Sponsors/ List of Sponsors}
    • we'll look for those


  • Recruit Sponsors (See #192 Bocoup has joined with SparkFun to sponsor any event this year, contact for more info. More sponsors the merrier.)
  • Figure out how you're feeding your attendees if you're feeding them
  • Setup Ticketing Presales (eg, Tito)
  • Order Parts
  • Secure a location
  • Determine a Time
  • Determine a Max # of attendees
  • Recruit Volunteers (1 for every 10 works if you've done this before)
  • Determine Curriculum and Projects (See #191 the J5IK will be providing projects and SuoBot curriculum this year.)
  • Recruit Attendees (See #193)