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NodeBox 3

NodeBox is a new software application for creating generative art using procedural graphics and a new way to approach graphic design.


  • Node based -- the software uses a non-destructive workflow where every operation is represented by a visual block of code.
  • Open to extend -- look and change the source of every code block.
  • Python or Clojure -- Nodes can be written in popular dynamic programming languages.

For downloads, documentation and the forum, visit the website:

Building on Mac

If you're on Mac OS X Lion or higher, Git is already installed. For older versions, install Git first (

Then from the Terminal, run:

git clone git://
cd nodebox
ant run

# To create a full app (the build will be in dist/mac):
ant dist-mac

Building on Windows

From the command prompt, run:

# Setup the correct environment variables
set PATH=%PATH%;c:\java\apache-ant-1.8.2\bin
set JAVA_HOME=c:\java\jdk6

git clone git://
# Modify to point to the correct installation paths of the JRE and NSIS.

cd nodebox
ant run

# To create a full app (the EXE will be in dist):
ant dist-win

Building on Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt-get install git-core openjdk-6-jdk ant
git clone git://
cd nodebox
ant run

Bugs / Features

We use Pivotal Tracker to track bugs and new features.

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