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Commits on Sep 13, 2012
@stebanos stebanos Added category for math nodes. 27ba732
@stebanos stebanos Added nodes for floor, ceil and pow functions. 1ee4861
@stebanos stebanos Made scatter node work again. 4d921b4
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
@stebanos stebanos Moved Switch node to List library as it's applicable to more than jus…
…t geometry.
@stebanos stebanos A set of selected nodes can now automatically be grouped into a new s…
@fdb fdb Create nodes for built-in value types.
This fixes #207.
@fdb fdb Don't pass Exceptions but Throwables.
This fixes #173.
@fdb fdb Fix combination of alignment and width in textpath.
When the width is set, the alignment is now respected.

This fixes #171.
@fdb fdb Re-add ellipse and rect handles. 65bc19a
@fdb fdb Remove write_points node.
The node was only used for the Generator.x workshop.

This fixes #86.
@fdb fdb Hide ports that accept lists. 26ea0e0
@fdb fdb Correct handle behavior when resizing.
We now only change the viewer bounds when switching between visualizers.

This fixes #143.
@fdb fdb Remove ENTER/U shortcuts for network navigation.
These keys are cause confusion when working in the port view.
@fdb fdb Add screenshot support.
You can now take a screenshot from any document using the command line.

You can execute NodeBox using

    /Applications/ --screenshot

The screenshot will be in the same directory as the file, with the same
name, only using a PNG extension.
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
@stebanos stebanos Fixed saving of handles. 77fed5d
@stebanos stebanos Put all core vector handles back. 7bbf5d6
@fdb fdb Add support for document properties at the file level.
The NodeBox object model + XML file now supports document properties.
However, there is no GUI yet to manage the properties of a document.
@stebanos stebanos When the node settings editor loses its focus, make sure all changes …
…have been affected.
@stebanos stebanos Expose the root node. 9b3a340
@fdb fdb Paint published nodes in the network view. 5d87264
@lievn lievn Added an PI and E node 04cc258
@stebanos stebanos Moved grouping logic to NodeLibraryController. 73ba692
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
@fdb fdb Merge from master. 414bc79
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