General repo for proposals, problems etc, for rsvp please visit out meetup page.
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Node.js Budapest

What is this?

This is a repo for talk proposals, general problems.

How to RSVP?

That's what our meetup page is for.


We collect slides and code from our presenters.

Previous meetups

2014 January

2013 December

2013 November

Structure of presos

  • First two preso should be about the same topic, while the first is for beginners and second one is about the hard parts.
  • The third preso should be about a fun project you are messing with. (like nodebots or nodecopters)

I want to give a presentation about [insert here your favourite tool, module here], what should I do?

  • Open an issue at nodebp/nodebp, submit your proposal and the community can vote:)

Ohh I just gave a talk, how should I upload it?

  • Create a repo under your name, name it as you want (please if you have code and slides try to put into different branches)
  • Open an issue at nodebp/nodebp asking to fork your repo
  • We will do the rest. :) thanks for your awesome work:)