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This replaces the issue #39 pull request

All additions are files in test
test_argparse_mocha.js - mocha test cases derived from

These files might be handy if we want to extract more tests, or generate them in different form.
Being development code they might not belong in the test directory - Python original - JSON serializes the tests that it can (76 'classes') - writes mocha test from the JSON object

hpaulj added some commits Jan 5, 2013
@hpaulj hpaulj files to convert to JS mocha tests. JSON serializes as many py test classes as it easily can. writes (to stdout) a mocha test file
alternatively it can run rests directly and display diagnostic output.
@hpaulj hpaulj cleanup documentation of test_argparse* files d2d8a9a
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  1. Do you think, that convertor scripts are really needed? That seems to be once operation, never repeated in the future.
  2. Do converted tests intersects with existing ones? Wouldn't it be better to split that big file in something more short and do some cleanup?

Also, already existing tests (not in this commit) became almost unmaintainable. I don't see logic in splitting by files and in file names. IMHO, that should be cleared before merging new tests.

I did partial cleanup, and now only files have to be reorganized. You can wait until @shkuropat do it, or suggest your own improvments. Then we could return to this pull-request.

PS. I'd like to add you to major contrubutors in argparse description. Could you tell me your First/Last name ?

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PPS. Idea to atomate tests conversion from python to node is nice. Probably, that could be independent project - may be, someone will use it nex time, when convert another package to node.


my name: Paul Jacobson

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I hope, this tests will be merged soon. Sorry for delay.


Test processed, but still need rewrite text to single style.


My apologies about delay, too big load on work.

@puzrin puzrin added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 4, 2013
@puzrin puzrin code cleanup, related to #40 ccd1df2
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Yeaaaahhh! you did it :) . I close issue, since consider goals reached:

  1. Tests coverage greately improved.
  2. Test suites format stabilised.

There are couple or places, that can be improved, but are not blockers now:

  • descriptions ca be reviewed (probably, i did some minor mistakes at cleanup)
  • groups/child_groups tests can have better description & probably could be joined

If someone wish to do it - feel free to make pull requests. But even now, tests are good enougth for future development.

@puzrin puzrin closed this Feb 4, 2013
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