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Fake identities generator for node.js (names, addresses, phones, IPs and others).

This is node.js port of ruby's Faker library (v1.4.3 now), that generates fake identities for names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and others.

browserify is supported with some differences:

  • All existing languages are bundled at once.
  • Bitcoin module dropped.

API Documentation.


$ npm install charlatan


var Charlatan = require('charlatan');

var name    =;       // Joshua Lemke MD
var email   =;  //
var company =;    // Wilkinson LLC


Different countries have different data formats. Charlatan support locales as solution of this problem.

Currently available locales are here, en is default.

var Charlatan = require('charlatan');

Also you can use your own locale in yaml, json or plain hash.

var Charlatan = require('charlatan');
Charlatan.addLocale(myLocaleName, myLocaleFile);

Note: If phrase not found in current locale, charlatan tries to then fallback into to base language, and then to en. For example ru-RU -> ru -> en.


Author Eugene Shkuropat

MIT license.