fs helper utilities (walk, copy, remove, mkdir -p)
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Build Status

Useful file utitiles. See API Documentation for detailed info.

walk(path, [pattern,] iterator[, callback])

Recurcively scan files by regex pattern & apply iterator to each. Iterator applied only to files, not to directories. If given path is a file, iterator will be called against it (if pattern allows it).

walkSync(path, [pattern,] iterator)

Sync version of walk(). Throws exception on error.

findSorted(path, [pattern,] callback)

Recursively collects files by regex pattern (if given, all files otherwise).

remove(path, callback)

Recursively delete directory with all content.


Sync version of remove(). Throws exception on error.

mkdir(path, mode = '0755', callback)

Recursively make path.

mkdirSync(path, mode = '0755')

Sync version of mkdir(). Throws exception on error.

copy(src, dst, callback)

Copy file.

move(src, dst, callback)

Move file.


Returns unique directory (at the moment of request) pathbname.


View the LICENSE file (MIT).