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[browserified-demo] Fails on OldIEs (6, 7, 8) #21

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IE gives error about base64 object


Fixed most of the places. Now it works on IE9.
Still have an error in IE6, IE7, IE8:

First comes error from Codemirror, then JS-YAML fails with an error 'anchor' is null or not an object


Did you solved this issue?, I've see no errors on Safari 5.1.5 (Desktop), but still remains on IOS Safari


I'm right now busy with our other projects, so I can't say anything. But once I'll have time I'll recheck in all browsers again (or the browsers become fixed :)) who knows :))


Problem with Safari 5.x now solved, thanks to Phuong who found an error in Function.prototype.bind shim. But I can't test it on OldIEs. Please, anyone who can test js-yaml in IE6, IE7, IE8, try it out.


With IE8 I get the error message "[object error]" and it complains about line 2719 character 5 in codemirror.js
In Debugmode I get "'undefined' is null or not an object" on codemirror.js, line 1698 character 17, but that's the finally block.


@xorpaul Thanks! Then some problems still exist :))


IE8 is now fully supported with es5-shims.


Closed in favour of #49

@ixti ixti closed this
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