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NDoc - JavaScript documentation generator

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NDoc is an inline comment parser and JavaScript documentation generator written in node.js. This project is inspired by PDoc. It tries to keep compatibility, but has some differences:

  • NDoc is a CLI tool, not library. It doesn't require additional programming to execute.
  • Clarified EBNF syntax. Definitions now MUST be separated with an empty line from the following comments.
  • Added options for deprecated tag: you can set versions, when tag was deprecated and when it will be removed.
  • Added new tags: read-only, internal, chainable
  • Events support.

How to Install

We suppose that you already have node.js and npm installed. If not - try nvm. Then install NDoc globally

npm install -g ndoc


usage: ndoc [-h] [-v] [--exclude PATTERN] [-o PATH] [--use PLUGIN]
            [-r RENDERER] [--link-format FORMAT] [-t TEMPLATE] [--show-all]
            [--package PACKAGE] [--index FILE] [--gh-ribbon URL]
            [--broken-links ACTION] [--noenv]
            PATH[PATH ...]

Positional arguments:
  PATH                            Source files location

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help                      Show this help message and exit.
  -v, --version                   Show program's version number and exit.
  --exclude PATTERN               Pathnames to exclude. Pathnames might be 
                                  absolute or relative and might have 
                                  wildcards: - `*` Matches single directory 
                                  or file: /foo/* matches /foo/bar but not 
                                  /foo/bar/baz - `**` Matches files and 
                                  directries recursively: /foo** matches 
                                  /foo/bar, /foo/bar/baz, etc. - `?` Matches 
                                  exactly one non-slash character
  -o PATH, --output PATH          Resulting file(s) location
  --use PLUGIN                    Use custom plugin
  -r RENDERER, --render RENDERER  Documentation renderer
  --link-format FORMAT            Format for link to source file. This can 
                                  have variables: - {file} - Current file - 
                                  {line} - Current line - {package.*} - Any 
                                  package.json variable
  -t TEMPLATE, --title TEMPLATE   Documentation title template. You can use 
                                  any of `{package.*}` variables for 
                                  interpolation, e.g.: `My App {package.
  --show-all                      By default `internal` methods/properties 
                                  are not shown. This trigger makes ndoc show 
                                  all methods/properties
  --package PACKAGE               Read specified package.json FILE.
  --index FILE                    Index file
  --gh-ribbon URL                 Add "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon with given 
                                  URL. You can use `{package.*}` variables 
  --broken-links ACTION           What to do if broken link occurred
  --noenv                         Ignore .ndocrc


NDoc Syntax. It is similar to PDoc one, with some extentions (see start of this doc for details).

For developers

You can generate prototype documentation for test:

make test

Then open ./tests/prototype-doc/index.html. Here is hosted doc example.

Custom parsers and renderers

You can create and use your own parser/renderer via --use option. Get one of the parsers or renderers as a base template, copy it into separate folder. Create package.json and modify it to fit your needs. Then attach it with --use my-module argument.

Using NDoc as module

You can use NDoc as module, for example, to override default options processing.

var NDoc = require('ndoc');

var options = {
  linkFormat  : '{file}#{line}',
  output:     : 'doc'

NDoc.parse(['lib/my-module.js'], options, function (err, ast) {
  if (err) {

  NDoc.render('html', ast, options, function (err) {
    if (err) {


This project is distributed under MIT license.

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