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@@ -35,33 +35,27 @@ If not - try [nvm]( Then install NDoc globall
Optional arguments:
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-v, --version Show program's version number and exit.
- --exclude PATTERN Pathnames to exclude. Pathnames might be
- absolute or relative and might have
- wildcards: - `*` Matches single directory
- or file: /foo/* matches /foo/bar but not
- /foo/bar/baz - `**` Matches files and
- directries recursively: /foo** matches
- /foo/bar, /foo/bar/baz, etc. - `?` Matches
- exactly one non-slash character
+ --exclude PATTERN Glob patterns of filenames to exclude. You
+ can use wildcards (?, *, **) in this
+ patterns. See [minimatch] module for
+ detailed information.
-o PATH, --output PATH Resulting file(s) location
--use PLUGIN Use custom plugin
-r RENDERER, --render RENDERER Documentation renderer
- --link-format FORMAT Format for link to source file. This can
- have variables: - {file} - Current file -
- {line} - Current line - {package.*} - Any
- package.json variable
+ --link-format FORMAT View sources link format. You can use
+ `{file}` and `{line}` and any of `{package.
+ *}` variables for interpolation.
-t TEMPLATE, --title TEMPLATE Documentation title template. You can use
any of `{package.*}` variables for
- interpolation, e.g.: `My App {package.
- version}`
+ interpolation.
--show-all By default `internal` methods/properties
are not shown. This trigger makes ndoc show
all methods/properties
--package PACKAGE Read specified package.json FILE.
--index FILE Index file
--gh-ribbon URL Add "Fork me on GitHub" ribbon with given
- URL. You can use `{package.*}` variables
- here.
+ URL. You can use any of `{package.*}`
+ variables for interpolation.
--broken-links ACTION What to do if broken link occurred
--noenv Ignore .ndocrc

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