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NodeCenter is a blockchain node manager made by humans for humans

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Uses a web frontend built with Angular 8 and Docker images marshalled with more information to easily deploy with a GUI nodes in one click for several blockchain platforms.


It aims to solve the hassle to setup a node and operate a node, so that all management operations can be easily done via a user friendly web interface.

This web interface must be able to manage all operations in a node and also provide the endpoints for the APIs that every node provides so it can be used by dApps or other DLT/blockchain applications.

Running the app

Try it out now in just 3 steps

1. Prerequisites


You will need Docker installed on your machine.

Visit Docker Community Engine (CE)'s installation documentation for more information about installing Docker CE in your device.

Docker Compose

You will also need Docker Compose to easily launch all the application components.

Visit the documentation for more information about installing Docker Compose in your machine.

2. Clone this repository

Once you have a Docker engine running in your machine, start by cloning this repository and cd into it

git clone
cd app

3. Run it

Now you can use Docker Compose to start running the NodeCenter application right now

docker-compose up

If you want to run it in the background so you can continue using the same shell, add -d to the command:

docker-compose up -d

4. Enjoy the experience!

Congratulations! The application just started, visit


and take a look 👀.


Ethereum Local Node:

This node launches a local development Ethereum blockchain with PoA Clique consensus.

Also preloads an address with a big amount of ethers.

The private key for this account is:


Voting component

To see the voting process and proceed to vote, you need to expose an extra RPC API to your Go Ethereum Clique PoA node.


Run this commands on a shell with a running node to enable it:

docker stop Node_Local
docker rm Node_Local
docker run -p 8545:8545 -p 30303:30303/tcp -p 30303:30303/udp --name Node_Local blockvalley/local --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcapi eth,web3,net,clique

Replace Node_Local in those commands by your container name if the node to enable the API for is a local node.


NodeCenter is a blockchain node manager made by humans for humans







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