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Base project for the 2014 NodeCopter Football challenge.


$ git clone
$ cd ardrone-football
$ npm install

Additionally you will need to install justrun (binary downloads available) for getting the frontend code to automatically rebuild on changes.


$ make

Then open your browser at http://localhost:3000/.


The ardrone-football project provides you with a base project for experimenting with in-browser computer vision for performing "penalty kicks" with an ar-drone.

The project uses dronestream to render the video stream received from the drone, and allows you to select a color to detect the ball. The detection algorithm is computing a very naive average of the color distribution, and you should try to improve it or replace it with something better..

Additionally the project comes with a simple PID Controller which is setup to align the drone with the ball.

The project itself is in various states of incompletion, and probably also full of bugs, so feel free to rip out, change, or improve anything you want.