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nodecp is a Control Panel built for rAthena that was made with nodejs. ( herc coming soon )
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nodecp is a Control Panel built for rAthena and Hercules that is made in node.js and pug as the template engine

nodeCP Version History


  • 0.02 - Official Release
  • 0.1 - View Account, Discord Webhook, Simple Download Page, Footer
  • 0.1.1 - Fixed Item name Repeat
  • 0.1.1-1 - Fixed SQL Injection Vulnerability
  • 0.1.1-2 - Case Sensitive Usernames fix
  • 0.1.2 - Added PHP Parser
  • 0.2.0 - Code Refactor, Re-design.
  • 0.2.1 - Fixes
  • 0.2.2 - Dark and Light Theme, View Account, Custom Databases
  • 0.3 - Dynamic Express Static, Theme Changer
  • 0.3.1 - Pincode System, Code Clean
  • 0.4 - Code Refactor, Better System, Faster. (Soon)
  • 1.0 - Stable Release! Added Hidden... (Soon)


  • 1.0 - Project Release (Once 0.4 for rAthena is released, this would be released.)


Q: Hello! I would like to contribute to the project
A: Just fork the github repo and do your changes there! Once you've done a few pull requests, we would add you as a Collaborator on the Github Repo.

Q: How do i become an Organization Member for nodecp?
A: You need to be a Collaborator and must Contribute to nodecp and other projects it has. Once you've done a few contributions, we would inform you that you are added from our Organization.

Q: Why is there another rewrite for rAthena?
A: I felt like the new system won't work out with the old one. So i had to do this.

Q: I found an Error! Where do i report it?
A: You have multiple options. PM me on Discord (Universe#7440), Reply on my rAthena Topic or Open an Issue on Github

Q: I am a NodeJS Developer! I want to add my own Features.
A: That will be documented soon.

Q: So you guys support Hercules now?
A: Yeah! It's bad to not support Hercules. I mean, who doesn't like it?

Q: Why are some versions missing inside the rAthena/Hercules folder?
A: Because some versions are gone from my pc and couldn't be found or the code is simply outdated and won't receive fixes.

Q: From what versions are available for Download
A: For rAthena, you could download from 0.3.1 to the Present Version. While for Hercules, you could download 1.0 to the Present Version.


  • nodejs v11 or greater.
  • windows/mac/linux/etc... Basically any Operating System that has nodejs.
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