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Eth2.0 desktop validator client
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Eth2.0 desktop validator client.


Clone the repository with Git:

git clone

And then install the dependencies:

cd ChainGuardian
yarn install


Both processes have to be started simultaneously in different console tabs:

yarn run start-renderer-dev
yarn run start-main-dev

This will start the application with hot-reload so you can instantly start developing your application.

You can also run do the following to start both in a single process:

yarn run start-dev

UI development

For building components in isolation you can use Storybook.

Just run yarn storybook

Design is based on:


We use Electron builder to build and package the application. By default you can run the following to package for your current platform:

npm run dist

This will create a installer for your platform in the releases folder.

You can make builds for specific platforms (or multiple platforms) by using the options found here. E.g. building for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux):

npm run dist -- -mwl


GNU General Public License v3.0

Built with:

React Webpack TypeScript Electron Redux Jest


We are blockchain development agency from Croatia, our open source work is funded by grants. This project is funded by MolochDAO. If you like our work and find this project useful, you can donate to this address: 0xbD9f96663E07a83ff18915c9074d9dc04d8E64c9


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