🎧 - System-wide Audio Equalizer for the Mac
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eqMac2 - System-Wide Equalizer for the Mac

System-Wide Equalizer for the Mac

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eqMac2 Screenshot EQ

Warning! Volume bug with wireless devices

Until this bug is fixed you may experience sudden loud changes in volume level! https://github.com/nodeful/eqMac2/issues/112

How to install?

Best way to install eqMac2 is from the website: https://bitgapp.com/eqmac

Or if you use Homebrew: brew cask install eqmac

How it started?

If you are interested to know how eqMac was created, you can read the Story

How to help?

If you are an Objective-C / C++ developer, please read the Contribution Guide

If you are a user, you can always help by Reporting Bugs and/or making direct contributions from the website

How to build?

Please install CocoaPods dependency manager on your Mac. Then in Terminal:

git clone https://github.com/nodeful/eqMac2.git
cd eqMac2/
pod install
open eqMac2.xcworkspace

And then ⌘R

How it works

I basically took Apple's CAPlayThrough example and modified the AUGraph to have an EQ node. Combined it with SoundFlower Audio Driver and it just worked.

eqMac2 Diagram