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Copyright (c) 2011, Tim Branyen @tbranyen <>
#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include "../vendor/libgit2/include/git2.h"
#include "../include/repo.h"
#include "../include/sig.h"
using namespace v8;
using namespace node;
void GitSig::Initialize (Handle<v8::Object> target) {
HandleScope scope;
Local<FunctionTemplate> t = FunctionTemplate::New(New);
constructor_template = Persistent<FunctionTemplate>::New(t);
NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(constructor_template, "dup", Dup);
NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(constructor_template, "free", Free);
// FIXME: This is an irresponsible way to accomplish fetching properties from the struct
NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(constructor_template, "name", Name);
NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD(constructor_template, "email", Email);
target->Set(String::NewSymbol("Sig"), constructor_template->GetFunction());
git_signature* GitSig::GetValue() {
return this->sig;
void GitSig::SetValue(git_signature* sig) {
this->sig = sig;
this->name = sig->name;
this->email = sig->email;
void GitSig::New(const char *name, const char *email, time_t time, int offset) {
git_signature_new(&this->sig, name, email, time, offset);
//this->sig = git_signature_new(name, email, time, offset);
git_signature* GitSig::Dup() {
return git_signature_dup(this->sig);
void GitSig::Free() {
char* GitSig::Name() {
return this->name;
char* GitSig::Email() {
return this->email;
Handle<Value> GitSig::New(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
GitSig *sig = new GitSig();
return scope.Close( args.This() );
Handle<Value> GitSig::Dup(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
if(args.Length() == 0 || !args[0]->IsObject()) {
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New("GitSignature is required and must be an Object.")));
GitSig* sig = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<GitSig>(args[0]->ToObject());
return scope.Close( Undefined() );
Handle<Value> GitSig::Free(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
GitSig *sig = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<GitSig>(args.This());
return scope.Close( Undefined() );
Handle<Value> GitSig::Name(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
GitSig *sig = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<GitSig>(args.This());
return scope.Close( String::New(sig->Name()) );
Handle<Value> GitSig::Email(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
GitSig *sig = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<GitSig>(args.This());
return scope.Close( String::New(sig->Email()) );
Persistent<FunctionTemplate> GitSig::constructor_template;
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