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Copyright (c) 2011, Tim Branyen @tbranyen <>
#ifndef REPO_H
#define REPO_H
#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <string>
#include "../vendor/libgit2/include/git2.h"
#include "object.h"
using namespace node;
using namespace v8;
class GitRepo : public ObjectWrap {
static Persistent<FunctionTemplate> constructor_template;
static void Initialize(Handle<v8::Object> target);
git_repository* GetValue();
void SetValue(git_repository* repo);
// Asynchronous
int Open(const char* path);
int Init(const char* path, bool is_bare);
// Synchronous
void Free();
// TODO: Implement these methods
//int Open2(const char* path);
//int Open3(const char* path);
//int Lookup(Object **obj, Oid *id, Otype type);
//Odb Database();
//int Index(Index **index);
//int NewObject(git_object **obj, Otype type);
GitRepo() {}
~GitRepo() {}
static Handle<Value> New(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Open(const Arguments& args);
static void EIO_Open(eio_req* req);
static int EIO_AfterOpen(eio_req* req);
static Handle<Value> Lookup(const Arguments& args);
static int EIO_Lookup(eio_req* req);
static int EIO_AfterLookup(eio_req* req);
static Handle<Value> Free(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Init(const Arguments& args);
static void EIO_Init(eio_req* req);
static int EIO_AfterInit(eio_req* req);
git_repository* repo;
struct open_request {
GitRepo* repo;
int err;
std::string path;
Persistent<Function> callback;
struct lookup_request {
GitRepo* repo;
Persistent<Function> callback;
struct init_request {
GitRepo* repo;
int err;
std::string path;
bool is_bare;
Persistent<Function> callback;
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