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Copyright (c) 2011, Tim Branyen @tbranyen <>
#ifndef REVWALK_H
#define REVWALK_H
#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include "../vendor/libgit2/include/git2.h"
#include "repo.h"
using namespace node;
using namespace v8;
class GitRevWalk : public ObjectWrap {
static Persistent<FunctionTemplate> constructor_template;
static void Initialize(Handle<v8::Object> target);
git_revwalk* GetValue();
void SetValue(git_revwalk* revwalk);
int New(git_repository* repo);
void Reset();
int Push(git_oid* oid);
int Hide();
int Sorting(int sort);
void Free();
git_repository* Repository();
GitRevWalk() {}
~GitRevWalk() {}
static Handle<Value> New(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Reset(const Arguments& args);
* Although git_revwalk_next is not blocking when iterating with a
* time-sorting mode, options may be added later to allow different sort
* modes, hence the async implementation.
static Handle<Value> Push(const Arguments& args);
static void PushWork(uv_work_t *req);
static void PushAfterWork(uv_work_t *req);
static Handle<Value> Hide(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Next(const Arguments& args);
static void NextWork(uv_work_t* req);
static void NextAfterWork(uv_work_t* req);
static Handle<Value> Sorting(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Free(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Repository(const Arguments& args);
git_revwalk* revwalk;
git_repository* repo;
struct PushBaton {
uv_work_t request;
const git_error* error;
git_revwalk *revwalk;
git_oid oid;
Persistent<Function> callback;
struct NextBaton {
uv_work_t request;
const git_error* error;
bool walkOver;
git_revwalk *revwalk;
git_oid oid;
Persistent<Function> callback;
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