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Commits on Jan 15, 2011
@tjfontaine tjfontaine lets you load a repo and walk the tree 99c88fd
Commits on Jan 16, 2011
@tjfontaine tjfontaine add package.json f8e1f10
@tjfontaine tjfontaine cleanup package layout 2663a9c
@tjfontaine tjfontaine package.json should reflect new dir layout f4a7890
@tjfontaine tjfontaine index.js should reflect the dir layout as well 6b800d6
@tjfontaine tjfontaine refactor to add simple example 5f8afd6
Commits on Jan 17, 2011
@tjfontaine tjfontaine make example.js mimic git log 0765b13
@tjfontaine tjfontaine seek in the oid pointer, don't move it 5157cbb
@tjfontaine tjfontaine _ostr -> _str f71ec77
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
@tjfontaine tjfontaine proper isNull check in revwalk dde8b3f
@tjfontaine tjfontaine wrap in Error so we get stacktrace f37cf45
Commits on Feb 01, 2011
@tjfontaine tjfontaine use libgit2 new reference lookup 1d1dce1
Commits on Feb 12, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Started to clean up JS code, reorganized directories f69ef89
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in new native code, checks for existence of valid git repo b6710e9
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated to remove build files 671e620
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme, added license and author files cf231c6
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Async git repo identification baddc4f
Tim Branyen Async reading repo complete 4b54717
@tbranyen tbranyen Implemented git_strerror, removed more build files e9d16ac
@tbranyen tbranyen Cleaned up code to model libgit2 api better d01d574
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Created new Repo class, started reorganization, code is broken 119ad85
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Still broken fixing header implementation 28feb8e
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in testing via nodetest, created 9 assertions, will maintain de…
…cent coverage, updated repo class to use a header without err.
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 9c42381
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated Readme c283f6b
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed prententious : c8a5d97
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme to have links and changed author information dc4630b
@tbranyen tbranyen Changed readme node.js name 2f6904e
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme, implemented git init, added more unit tests, added ve…
…ndor folder to keep th3pty scripts, and removed the old proof of concept code
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme - reworded contact 23b931d
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme - more rewording 0c1d9f0
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme - more rewording 2c26f02
@tbranyen tbranyen Added new mkstr oid method and new oid class and removed vendor files…
… in favor of git submodule
@tbranyen tbranyen Added submodules to git c30d4be
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to unit test system and readme fd31d78
@tbranyen tbranyen updated readme and test harness 069a128
@tbranyen tbranyen Added new oid unit tests and readme updates caaf033
@tbranyen tbranyen Readme tweaks 224bc85
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated nodejs link ddfbfb1
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated nodejs link 206136b
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated nodejs link 02010b0
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated nodejs link df69a21
@tbranyen tbranyen Added repo da32cfc
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated authors ecb9c3c
@tbranyen tbranyen Renamed test files, added libgit2 to vendors, updated package.json 2057088
@tbranyen tbranyen Updateds to build, and fixed boolean issues 0a0896b
Commits on Feb 19, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Added contributors, moved lib to _old, worked on more oid methods fbdd092
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 3f38ba5
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 1972412
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script d9c11bb
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 4dcd4ce
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 3d35b9f
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 300cb15
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 7d074ae
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script f41e873
U-desktop\Tim Updated readme with windows instructions 10ff585
Tim Branyen Turned path into an emp bf49421
Tim Branyen Fixed list 184c34c
Tim Branyen Updated with significant updates, including a working code …
Tim Branyen 8643f62
Tim Branyen Updates to package.json and a76c06e
Commits on Feb 20, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Added file to example repo, added in commit reading, added raw-commit…
… tests
@tbranyen tbranyen Fixed test repo, created commit tests ca5a8b8
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme with important installation instructions and more api …
@tbranyen tbranyen Added more emphasis to linking information 9df0779
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated contributors readme and lib 48e62ad
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in ability to read contributor information and added more tests…
…, fixed bug with parsing details on an invalid commit
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme to show better code example 5df2bdb
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme to fix headers 9a3f37d
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme to fix headers 6a0e9dc
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in refs, fixed up readme, updated lib files, etc. 91631d6
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in revwalker code, code *is* broken atm Ref issues must be figu…
…red out
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script and readme cf3f788
@tbranyen tbranyen For some reason had to change Ref to Reference which fixed nearly all…
… issues, got reference lookup working, and updated readme
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 9ee344a
@tbranyen tbranyen Various updates d1b8327
Commits on Feb 21, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen merged 3db8b12
@tbranyen tbranyen readme updated with new error returns. error class added along with t…
…ests, and the convenience api was updated.
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of bf1da76
@tbranyen tbranyen Oid formatting keeps throwing segfaults, committing semi implemented …
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script to use nodegit2 instead of git2 for less confusi…
…on >_<
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme and build process 4633eb3
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme bef130c
@tbranyen tbranyen readme updates 5d54de3
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to build script and README - REMOVED automatic libgit2 instal…
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to build script and README - REMOVED automatic libgit2 instal…
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build process 1de64c8
@tbranyen tbranyen build script 444eb89
Commits on Feb 23, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated unit tests , added jshinting, updated files to pass jshint, t…
…weaked jshint to allow certain things.
@tbranyen tbranyen Added jshint to utils folder cc2f86a
@tbranyen tbranyen jshint path fixed b8844bd
Tim Branyen Updated JShint to behave more sanely, updated readme with new build i…
Tim Branyen Removed libgit2 build warning d65fc0b
Commits on Feb 24, 2011
Tim Branyen Updates to reference and README 85994b0
Commits on Feb 25, 2011
Tim Branyen Added blobs 55e7c1e
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 5d8e70d
@tbranyen tbranyen readme updated with new error returns. error class added along with t…
…ests, and the convenience api was updated.
@tbranyen tbranyen Oid formatting keeps throwing segfaults, committing semi implemented …
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script to use nodegit2 instead of git2 for less confusi…
…on >_<
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme and build process 84f444a
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 680adec
@tbranyen tbranyen readme updates 3b7df5c
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to build script and README - REMOVED automatic libgit2 instal…
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to build script and README - REMOVED automatic libgit2 instal…
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build process 8dced86
@tbranyen tbranyen build script 0eeaa9e
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated unit tests , added jshinting, updated files to pass jshint, t…
…weaked jshint to allow certain things.
@tbranyen tbranyen Added jshint to utils folder 0bf43f7
@tbranyen tbranyen jshint path fixed 7274f04
Tim Branyen Updated JShint to behave more sanely, updated readme with new build i…
Tim Branyen Removed libgit2 build warning eaa1561
Tim Branyen Updates to reference and README e422b1b
Tim Branyen Added blobs 09c72e6
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated build script 52893a8
@tbranyen tbranyen updates to build script 35812c8
@tbranyen tbranyen merge fix fc221e8
Commits on Feb 26, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen lib and build updated and enhanced a9b1fb5
@tbranyen tbranyen updated readme d77c941
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to fix build woes 992b065
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated wscript with build rpath fa3e59c
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated git modules e79a5dd
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of ba00e9e
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated ref to import correct path fb81594
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed vendor folders 5a24684
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated git submodules and included entire libgit2 lib into vendor/ 1dac2cf
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed libgit2 from submodules 703110c
@tbranyen tbranyen Potential wscript fix 114d16b
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated wscript and .git files a536048
@tbranyen tbranyen Cleaned up build scripts and fixed jshint 4445252
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 30c49d0
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 351da33
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme vendor paths 379a26c
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated repo lib to fix code conventions Closes #7 Closes #6 1b7f064
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated getters and setters Closes #8 5a764b6
@tbranyen tbranyen Started work on signature, mapped new to new to all the existig class…
…es Closes #9
@tbranyen tbranyen Various readme updates b7afe57
@tbranyen tbranyen Various readme updates 4e0612c
@tbranyen tbranyen Fixed terminal su 5b7060e
@tbranyen tbranyen Changed terminal to sudo f056b96
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated installation instructions b9483fb
@tbranyen tbranyen Large updates to examples, source, and tests. Added in more revwalk m…
…ethods and worked on fixing oid formatting
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to repo, almost got oid formatting working 47272a1
@tbranyen tbranyen updated package build and readme to reflect new release ideas daac0e9
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 6eedf72
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme 01e46f9
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme syntax 16227e2
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to readme syntax ee17c54
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in git objects, updated a ton of oid and repo code, fixed dummy…
…repo, commits appear to be borked
@tbranyen tbranyen Example and unit test creation c97f225
Commits on Feb 28, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated revwalk 3435313
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated references and revwalker to have next method 2aef79b
@tbranyen tbranyen Added in revwalk free be4af81
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated signature class 587f847
@tbranyen tbranyen added commit and revwalk to the library and worked on test repo 1cd48d7
@tbranyen tbranyen Reverted revwalk 12d02ba
Commits on Mar 01, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated revwalk to fix push method 04081f4
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme and revwalk and commit to have new methods 2aba7a4
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated logic to have commits referenced properly and display their m…
…essages correctly
@tbranyen tbranyen Finished oid and signature methods 8963a0f
@tbranyen tbranyen Replaced NodeJS with Node.js 27a70d5
Commits on Mar 02, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Added utils to library and updated several components of the library cc8b87d
Tim Branyen update revwalk lib 9669dee
@tbranyen tbranyen merged in the repo changes 3dadefa
@tbranyen tbranyen initial request c36107b
Commits on Mar 03, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Working with signatures in the api 1358e25
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of e5023bd
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed example readme from repo, updated real readme 64a748e
@tbranyen tbranyen removed old ffi library code 28f328a
@tbranyen tbranyen Got lookup reference working again in repo 53d64cd
@tbranyen tbranyen Added oid to api 9c06b9f
@tbranyen tbranyen Cleaned up errors api c685156
Commits on Mar 04, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed extraneous callback vars, fixed Oid method name for now, need…
… namespacing
@tbranyen tbranyen Fixed unit tests 5312b22
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated blob, added new commit methods and updated convenience api 54a656e
Commits on Mar 05, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Finalized installation in makefile 2b28639
@tbranyen tbranyen fixed asteriks in readme ce32440
@tbranyen tbranyen put path in code da99c60
@tbranyen tbranyen Fixed api examples 4ffa551
@tbranyen tbranyen fixed readme msg a8d8705
@tbranyen tbranyen Added doxygen documentation configuration file and added some documen…
@tbranyen tbranyen Added tree c++ objects 5f8936f
@tbranyen tbranyen added tree, entrycount is currently broken 1579b2e
Commits on Mar 06, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated tree to have clear method 0e81974
@tbranyen tbranyen Update Object to be GitObject and added more methods to it. Updated c…
…ommit and tree to have new methods as well.
@tbranyen tbranyen Added docco docs, changed doc to docs 1eaa308
@tbranyen tbranyen Moved all the api docs into an api folder 0e82469
Commits on Mar 07, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated object to start working on remaining methods f7df881
Commits on Mar 08, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Worked on blob bc867ca
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated blob to be method complete for 0.0.1 and updated object/repo 8affefe
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated revwalker started on sorting, started on trees dd4181b
@tbranyen tbranyen updated npmignore and package.json to ready for npm deployment - upda…
…ted object and revwalk objects
@tbranyen tbranyen updated gitignore 73362e9
@tbranyen tbranyen updates to project name 1078f6b
@tbranyen tbranyen package fixes 3e2e29e
U-tim-thinkpad\Tim Branyen Potential build fix c0bd6cd
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated git2 to raw for convenience api 5b8dc51
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme to not have references to my terminal 522bba8
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme to have more accurate examples 86ef065
@tbranyen tbranyen Fixed path issues 3b7670f
@tbranyen tbranyen Various api improvements, updated readme 2a900f5
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated revwalk to iterate over all revisions ebedc29
@tbranyen tbranyen Added blob to library 7e7872c
Commits on Mar 09, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen github generated gh-pages branch 2055413
@tbranyen tbranyen initial 9885407
Commits on Mar 10, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen removed license information and contact info 4c29a23
@tbranyen tbranyen Significant updates 9a40846
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated version style and some css 61abc60
@tbranyen tbranyen formatted code 639a4c9
@tbranyen tbranyen formatted code b70f53e
@tbranyen tbranyen formatted code 7b9db78
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated readme a434143
@tbranyen tbranyen updated readme 6e1a1de
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated working unit tests c2cd8fc
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated repo to not break on resolve 89bf9b0
@tbranyen tbranyen 0.0.1 release 0b82a45
Commits on Mar 11, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen several updates to add sigificant stablility and performance; removed…
… v8 from eio thread pool
@tbranyen tbranyen updated git tree to exist sas its own entity broken on the mac atm ma…
…ssive segmentation fault
@tbranyen tbranyen Added tree entry updated convenience api 53b0d76
@tbranyen tbranyen updated github pages to 0.0.2 f68a88f
Commits on Mar 12, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen convenience api tree example and added ability to read entry filename 3bc5d33
@tbranyen tbranyen added in objects to library and implemented their methods, started wo…
…rking on tree updates
@tbranyen tbranyen Added Built in Boston logo a793ed1
@tbranyen tbranyen forgot to add boston image to git c27db6e
Commits on Mar 13, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated to get blob reading working b47ce58
@tbranyen tbranyen Tree and commit b5e95ae
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'gh-pages' of 4bd8061
@tbranyen tbranyen pre merge 73b4a49
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of a08f431
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated libgit2 to version 0.8.0, head is currently not stable 7ddcc75
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of 009c485
@tbranyen tbranyen actually adding in libgit2 this time... c430b02
@tbranyen tbranyen Merge branch 'master' of a164dd4
@tbranyen tbranyen Removed all waf/build related nonsense from libgit2 b410b1e
@tbranyen tbranyen Finally stable from libgit2 update 2406411
@tbranyen tbranyen removed gh-pages related files 765ffcc
@tbranyen tbranyen Made corrections to reference and repo api to align with new libgit2 …
@tbranyen tbranyen Updated lint check to full api 5d27311
@tbranyen tbranyen removed img from gh-pages 0b468b9
@tbranyen tbranyen Added vendor back into gitignore, added lots of new unittests, remove…
…d img dir
@tbranyen tbranyen updates to readme to reflect releases 91407b6
@tbranyen tbranyen added windows build failure message e5b1527
Commits on Mar 14, 2011
@tbranyen tbranyen Updates to oid unit tests 45c2ebe
Tim Branyen Removed tmp libgit2 files a02e8e7
Tim Branyen Updated tests 4a98179
Tim Branyen bumped version numbers up to 0.2.0 b1f941c
Tim Branyen bumped package.json up cb76e3c
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