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Update documented commands needed to run tests #42

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I was following the instructions to run the tests and make test gave me this: make: Nothing to be done for test.

I was able to run the tests using

git submodule update --init
npm install
npm test

so I assume the readme is just needs an update.




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Commits on Jul 26, 2012
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@@ -181,13 +181,9 @@ Running tests
__`nodegit` library code is written adhering to a modified `JSHint`. Run these checks with `make lint` in the project root.__
-__To run unit tests ensure the submodules `nodeunit` and `rimraf` are located in the `vendor/` subdirectory.__
+__To run unit tests ensure to update the submodules with `git submodule update --init` and install the development dependencies nodeunit and rimraf with `npm install`.__
-If they are not, `cd` into the `nodegit` dir and run the following `git` commands to automatically fetch them:
- $ cd nodegit
- $ git submodule update --init
-Then simply run `make test` in the project root.
+Then simply run `npm test` in the project root.
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