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@sedwards2009 sedwards2009 released this 16 Feb 19:11
· 62 commits to master since this release

This is the first stable release of NodeGui based on Qt 6 instead of the older Qt 5. This release is also paired with an upgrade in qode to match NodeJs v18.12.1.

The biggest change in Qt 6 which may affect NodeGui based applications is the High DPI support. If you are using nodegui plugins, they may have to be upgraded to support Qt6 too.


  • Upgraded to Qt 6
  • Requires package @nodegui/qode version 18.12.1 (or higher).
  • Added applicationDisplayNameChanged & lastWindowClosed signals to QApplication
  • QPainter gained many methods related to drawing with fractional pixel sizes and HiDPI rendering.
  • QTableWidget gained methods clearSelection(), selectAll(), scrollToBottom(), and scrollToTop().