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A process monitor in libuv
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A process monitor in libuv

aeternum is a simple process monitor, implemented with libuv. It is designed for simplicity and stability. It is still a work in progress.

How to Use

aeternum will currently work best on either SunOS or BSD-derivative operating systems. To compile, simply run make from the project root.

Once compiled, usage is simple:

 ./aeternum start -o outputfile -- ./otherprogram

The -- option is used to separate aeternum arguments from any arguments passed to the child process.


  • start: Tells aeternum to background the process. Must be the first argument.
  • -o: File to redirect stdout to. If no separate file is provided for stderr, the same file will be used for both.
  • -e: File to redirect stderr to. (optional)
  • -p: pidfile - the name of the pidfile to use. If no relative or absolute path is provided, $HOME/.aeternum/ will be the base path used.
  • -i: inputfile - If used, the file here will be available as the stdin of the child process.
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