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Community powered rocket fuel for node.js

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community powered rocket-fuel for node.js


We believe in sharing knowledge. So we have assembled this growing collection of node.js how-to articles. These articles range from basic to advanced. They provide relevant code samples and insights into the design and philosophy of node itself. is an open source project and is curated by the Nodejitsu team and friends. If you have articles or ideas that you would like to contribute, we'd very much like to accept your pull request!


Read Articles, get good at Node.js

Browse /articles/ folder or

To generate the docs

blacksmith generate

To start the docs server

blacksmith preview

Contribution Guide

coming soon

To add an article:

  • make a directory in topics for your article: mkdir articles/how-to-make-an-article (use only letters and dashes)
  • next write your article: vim articles/how-to-make-an-article/
  • create a metadata with this data: vim articles/how-to-make-an-article/page.json


  "title":"What is npm?",
  "date": "Fri Aug 26 2011 03:08:50 GMT-0700 (PST)",
  "tags": ["npm", "modules"],
  "author": "Nico Reed",
  "difficulty": 1

Directory Structure

    article-name/ //url version
        page.json //file with the real article

Metadata Format

  "title":"What is npm?",
  "date": "Fri Aug 26 2011 03:08:50 GMT-0700 (PST)",
  "tags": ["npm", "modules"],
  "author": "Nico Reed",
  "difficulty": 1
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