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What is carapace

Carapace is an in process wrapper for Node.js applications. It provides a bridge for setting up applications and extended communications. It also provides a plugin system to ease development of applications that need to be private.

Example workflow

On terminal one: open up a carapace.

carapace ./test

On terminal two: chroot the process. Then tell carapace to run a script server.js from where we were chrooted.

// Connect to the carapace
var carapace = require('carapace');
require('dnode').connect(__dirname + '/test', function(client, conn) {
  // Tell the carapace we have a new plugin to be loaded
  client.emit('plugin',carapace.plugins.chroot, function() {
    // Tell carapace we have a new directory to use as root
    client.emit('chroot:root','..', function() {
      // Tell carapace to run a script
      client.emit('run', 'server.js');

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