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Wrap any node.js applications into a smart drone object. A drone can be considered a spawned node.js process wrapped in additional functionality, such as: chdir, chroot.


  • Requires zero-modification to target spawn application
  • Battle-hardened from production usage at Nodejitsu
  • Ships with plugin system for attaching drone functionality
  • Full integration with the haibu application server


[sudo] npm install drone -g

Carapace CLI Options

drone --plugin [plugin] --[plugin] [options] application [options]


--plugin [plugin]

Plugin to use with the drone instance

Plugin Options

--[plugin] [options]

Option to be passed to the [plugin]

Application & Application's Options

[application] [application's CLI options]

Any options that isn't consumed by the Carapace will automatically be passed to the application

Default Plugins

List of known plugins, and options (if any) used by them

  • chroot - directory to rebind as root directory '/'
  • chdir - directory to change into
  • heartbeat - time in micro-seconds between 'drone::heartbeat' events

Run Tests

All of the drone tests are written in vows

  $ npm test

Author: Nodejitsu Inc.

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