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Haibu Drone's Little Shell

What is Carapace

Carapace is an process wrapper for Node.js applications that is part of the Haibu Network. Carapace also provides a plugin system to simplify deployment and development of applications.

What can I do with Carapace?

By utilizing Carapace you can help automate deployments of applications into a custom environment. Combining Carapace with the Forever Daemon can allow you run the application in the environment indefinitely.


Installing npm (node package manager)

curl | sh

Installing carapace

[sudo] npm install carapace


Chroot Jailed web-server (using the script)

# run the included shell script in a terminal
sudo ./examples/jailedserver
# then on another terminal poke the server using `curl` and `watch`
watch 'curl http://localhost:1337'

Chroot Jailed Web-server (as a require)

code is available in ./examples/jailer.js and must be ran with superuser privileges

var carapace = require('haibu-carapace');

var script = 'server.js',
    scriptPort = 31337;

carapace.on('carapace::plugin::error', function (info) {
  console.log('Error loading plugin: ' + info.plugin);

], function () {
  carapace.chroot('./examples/chroot-jail', console.log.bind(null, 'hello'));
  carapace.chdir('.');, ['--port', scriptPort], function afterRun() {
    carapace.heartbeat(function () {
    console.log(script+ ' running on port '+ scriptPort.toString());
# Run the above code in a terminal with
sudo node ./examples/jailer.js
# Poke the server in another terminal with
watch 'curl http://localhost:31337'

Carapace CLI Options

carapace --plugin [plugin] --[plugin] [options] application [options]


--plugin [plugin]

Plugin to use with the carapace instance

Plugin Options

--[plugin] [options]

Option to be passed to the [plugin]

Application & Application's Options

[application] [application's CLI options]

Any options that isn't consumed by the Carapace will automatically be passed to the application

Default Plugins

List of known plugins, and options (if any) used by them

  • chroot - directory to rebind as root directory '/'
  • chdir - directory to change into
  • heartbeat - time in micro-seconds between 'carapace::heartbeat' events

Run Tests

All of the carapace tests are written in vows

  $ npm test

Author: Nodejitsu Inc.

Maintainers: Charlie Robbins, Bradley Meck, Jameson Lee