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I managed to make a vows test for issue #6. Probably not following your high nodejitsu standards but it in my defense I can say that it was my first time to make a vows test.... ;-) I learned a lot from it though!!

I also have working _doListen code but I saw that bmeck changed lib/net.js slightly. Will will try to update that version...


Moved the files around and integrated the test now that I could reproduce it thanks to you. Also, removed the console.errors since they aren't really the test of success or failure and removed some odd comments, test comments should generally avoid talking about where the code being tested is and instead focus on pre/post conditions.

@bmeck bmeck closed this Aug 15, 2011

Ok, thanks for the feedback!! This issue kept me awake one night but I learned a lot from trying to solve it so that gives a lot of satisfaction... :-)

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