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Using The API

Nodejitsu provides a web API for users who want to interact with the Nodejitsu platform programatically. This API is built to be RESTful and communicates via JSON.


Most of the calls to the API will require that you authenticate using your Nodejitsu account. Currently, we support Basic Authentication.

 TODO: Here is an example of using basic auth with curl

If you do not have an account it is possible to create one using the User API, Jitsu, or just by visiting


Get all applications for a User

 GET /apps/:user-id

Create a new Application

 POST /apps/:user-id
 { package.json }

Start an Application

 POST /apps/:user-name/:app-name/restart

Stop an Application

 POST /apps/:user-name/:app-name/start

Restart an Application

 POST /apps/:user-name/:app-name/stop

Update an Application

 PUT /apps/:user-id
 { package.json }

Delete an Application

 DELETE /apps/:user-name/:app-name/remove


Snapshots are an easy way to capture the current state of your application. Once a Snapshot of your application is created you can roll back and activate that Snapshot at any time.

Make an existing snapshot the active app

PUT /apps/:user-name/:app-name/snapshots/:id/active

Activate / Deploy a snapshot

POST /apps/:user-name/:snapshots/:id

Show a catalog of all Snapshot for an Application

GET /apps/:user-name/:app-name/snapshots

Show the contents of a Snapshot

GET /apps/:user-name/:app-name/snapshots/:id


Signup a new User


Confirm a User account


Update User



Create a new Database

 POST /databases/:user-name/:id

   type: "Couch || Redis || Mongo"

Get information about a Database

GET /databases/:user-name/:id

Delete a Database

DELETE /databases/:user-name/:id


Get all Marketplace Applications

GET /marketplace

Get a specific Marketplace Application

GET /databases/:user-name/:id


Get all logs for a user

 GET /logs/:user-name/

Get logs for a specific application

 GET /logs/:user-name/:app-name
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