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Why Open Source?

Most of Nodejitsu's technology stack is released as open source software. We choose to do this for many reasons. Aside from being able to give back to the Node.js community, releasing pieces of our stack as open-source allows other developers to review and improve our software. We've already received invaluable contributions to our platform from developers who would have never seen our code if we had not open-sourced it.

Where To Find Our Projects

Nodejitsu hosts its open-source projects on Github:

Github is a web site for sharing and collaborating on source code using git, a popular version control system. You can get our source code without creating an account at github, and if you want to create an account it's free. You will need a git client if you wish to clone any of our code repositories.

How To Contribute

Anyone can contribute to any of our open-source projects at any time. Our github site has the facilities for managing patches, issues, code comments, version control, and just about anything else an open source developer could need.

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