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Welcome to the Nodejitsu handbook. This document will help familiarize you with deploying your Node.js applications to the cloud while also providing detailed information about Nodejitsu's platform-specific features and about where to get help when you need it.

This is a living document which you can submit patches to at Note that this entire website is generated from the individual content files in the /content folder, so any edits should be made to those files.

Who Is Nodejitsu?

We are a collection of seasoned developers who have been devoted to the Node.js community since 2009. We are community leaders who have created and contributed to hundreds of open-source Node.js projects. If you have used Node.js, you've probably used some of the projects we've helped create.

You can find our open source projects at, and

What Is Nodejitsu?

Nodejitsu is a Platform as a Service for Node.js applications. Nodejitsu allows you to seamlessly deploy your Node.js applications into the cloud with a myriad of additional features. Our platform provides a robust suite of functionality to assist in the development, management, and deployment of Node.js applications. Our deployment tools are the most user-friendly in the industry and our customer support is unparalleled.

Getting Started

So you wish to learn the ways of Nodejitsu? Excellent! You only need to know three things to get started:

  • We're Nodejitsu, and we can give you scalable, fault-tolerant cloud hosting for your Node.js apps - and we're the best you'll find.
  • Getting started with your first app is simple with our jitsu command-line interface - we'll show you how.
  • Most of our stack is open source and you can use our tools anywhere else you'd like to.

The Nodejitsu Handbook also contains information on other ways to deploy your applications and where to find support.

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