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Token management for your accounts is available through jitsu tokens * commands. Using Tokens you will be able to share your account without sharing the password of the account. These tokens are used to authenticate with our API, so, keep it secret.

List all tokens

jitsu tokens list

Listing all available tokens, can be done with jitsu tokens list [username], where username is optional. You will be prompted to enter the password of the account your trying to list the tokens for, per example:

info:    Welcome to Nodejitsu
info:    jitsu v0.12.10, node v0.8.22
info:    It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info:    Executing command tokens list [username]
info:    Listing all tokens for [username]
prompt: password:
data:    name         token
data:    tokenname1   4b7df949-1c21-4b70-8770-2c5615bc1d9a
data:    tokenname2   5116b717-988c-467c-8ae4-ae49896e8a3a
info:    Nodejitsu ok

Create a new token

jitsu tokens create [token name]

Adding a token to an account can be done with jitsu tokens create [token name], where token name is a unique chosen identifier/name.

Remove a token

Removing a token is done by issuing jitsu tokens destroy [username] [token name]. In the example above token name could be tokenname1 or tokenname2.

Configure jitsu to authenticate using a token

Using this feature you can easily share the access of an account without share the password.

  • Create a new token
  • Share the token with a third party
  • If the third party has a Nodejitsu account, they must first logout using jitsu logout
  • The third party need to configure jitsu to authenticate using a token.

To configure jitsu use the next commands:

$ jitsu config set apiTokenName sharedTokenName
$ jitsu config set apiToken xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
$ jitsu config set username myusername

These commands virtually sign the third party into your account without them knowing the password. Note, myusername above should be your username, not the third party's username. Once these commands have been run by the third party, they can interface with your account and do things like jitsu deploy.

If the third party has a Nodejitsu account and logs back into their own account with, jitsu login, they will be logged out of your account. Thus every time they want to interface with your account they must be logged out of their own account and run the config commands above again.