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+# Viewing application logs
+Logging is critical for application management. Good logs will make the life of
+a developer easier. For instance, if your application stopped working checking
+the logs before calling [support][suppprt] is the way to go. `jitsu logs` can be
+used in a variaty of ways. Executing this command from inside a project folder
+containing a [package.json][package] will show logs for the current project. If
+no logs are generated yet `jitsu logs` will return `No logs for [appname] in
+specified timespan`.
+Running the command outside a project folder will show a list the authenticated
+users' applications. You will be prompted for which application you would like
+to show the logs. Supplying the *appname* will show the respective logs.
+info: Welcome to Nodejitsu [username]
+info: jitsu v0.11.6, node v0.8.14
+info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
+info: Executing command logs app
+info: Listing all apps for [username]
+data: name state subdomain drones running snapshot
+data: [appname] started [subdomain] 1/3 apps-xxx-0.x.x-xx.tgz
+data: [appname] started [subdomain] 1/3 apps-xxx-0.x.x-xx.tgz
+data: [appname] started [subdomain] 1/3 apps-xxx-0.x.x-xx.tgz
+info: Which application to view logs for?
+prompt: app name:
+## Per application
+Application logs can also be aquired by specifing the application name on the
+CLI. `jitsu logs app [appname]` will show the logs for application *appname*.
+To reduce output, execute `jitsu logs app [appname] [n]` where *n* is an
+integer. If you stored another account in a local configuration file, you could
+access your applications easily without switching accounts by doing:
+jitsu logs app [username]/[appname] -j $HOME/.userconf
+Note the slash between *username* and *appname*. Also *$HOME* should point to the
+location where the configurations are stored, by default this would be your home
+## Per user
+Can't choose which logs to view or if you want to do general monitoring, you
+can show all logs at once by issuing `jitsu logs all`. This will show the logs
+for all applications of the authenticated user. Users with several applications
+might prefer to reduce the number of lines returned. Execute `jitsu logs all [n]`,
+where *n* is an integer. To show a maximum of 10 lines per application, use:
+jitsu logs all 10
+## Additional useful options
+If you would like to pipe log output to another script/service you can use the
+`--raw` option. This will output the logs as line-delimited raw JSON. Also
+`--no-colors` will disable coloring of the log output.
+[package]: /appendix/package-json/
+[support]: /support/
[meta:title]: <> (Viewing logs)

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