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[fix] Corrected a broken npm link

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commit 3cfc34d06d8bc3c9f7b27ee047a7439c3ed15e10 1 parent 117b6d0
@3rd-Eden 3rd-Eden authored
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4 content/npm/
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ Requests can be made against your private npm in two ways:
-More information available at the [Web Interface Documentation](web)
+More information available at the [Web Interface Documentation](/npm/web)
### PROTIP: Publish modules using `publishConfig`
@@ -76,4 +76,4 @@ For example:
The benefits of using `publishConfig` is that it avoids accidental publishes to the public registry due to user error. Take for example a developer on your team who has not properly configured their machine by running `npm config set registry` or using the `--reg` flag. _That command would send your code public._ By using the `publishConfig` property you avoid that because it is part of your application.
-[meta:title]: <> (Hosted private npm)
+[meta:title]: <> (Hosted private npm)
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