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# Tokens
+Token management for your accounts is available through `jitsu tokens *`.
+Listing all available tokens, can be done with `jitsu tokens list [username]`,
+where *username* is optional. You will be prompted to enter the password of the
+account your trying to list the tokens for, per example:
+info: Welcome to Nodejitsu
+info: jitsu v0.12.10, node v0.8.22
+info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
+info: Executing command tokens list [username]
+info: Listing all tokens for [username]
+prompt: password:
+data: name token
+data: tokenname1 4b7df949-1c21-4b70-8770-2c5615bc1d9a
+data: tokenname2 5116b717-988c-467c-8ae4-ae49896e8a3a
+info: Nodejitsu ok
+Adding a token to an account can be done with
+`jitsu tokens create [username] [token name]`, where *token name* is a unique
+chosen identifier/name. Removing a token is done by issuing `jitsu tokens
+destroy [username] [token name]`. In the example above *token name* could be
+`tokenname1` or `tokenname2`.
[meta:title]: <> (Tokens)
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