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[faq] added how to run bower install common question

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* [How to target an application through a specific load balancer?](#how-to-target-an-application-through-a-specific-load-balancer)
* [How to target a specific drone of an application?](#how-to-target-a-specific-drone-of-an-application)
* [How to share my account without sharing my password?](#how-to-share-my-account-without-sharing-my-password)
+ * [How to run bower install before a deploy?](#how-to-run-bower-install-before-a-deploy)
## How do I reset my password?
@@ -518,6 +519,20 @@ $ jitsu config set apiToken xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
$ jitsu config set username myusername
+## How to run bower install before a deploy?
+You need to install your front-end dependencies before upload your snapshot, so, you need to run `bower install` just before make a deploy.
+We offer two additional script fields `predeploy` and `postdeploy` at package.json wich both run on your local machine. Just add the next to your package.json in the scripts section:
+ "scripts": {
+ "predeploy": "bower install"
+ }
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