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@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@ Business plan account and your `package.json` is configured with the custom doma
Individual plans can't use Custom SSL but they can use our Free SSL service with
`*` and `*`. Just prepend the `https://` and it's done.
-## How can I target an application through a specific load balancer?
+## How to target an application through a specific load balancer?
For debugging purposes it's sometimes useful to hit your application through a
specific balancer. This is easily done by providing a Host header to the
@@ -456,6 +456,17 @@ $ curl --verbose --header 'Host:'
For a list of balancers, check our [list][list].
+## How to target a specific drone of an application?
+If your application uses multiple drones, we provide a special header for targetting
+a specific drone. Per example, if your application uses 2 drones, you can
+provide either `x-drone: 1` or `x-drone: 2` as header. Note, replace `yourapp` with
+the subdomain of your application.
+$ curl --verbose --header 'x-drone: 1'

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