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@@ -25,6 +25,24 @@ Connecting to other servers using arbitrary ports requires no special considerat
The ability to host tcp applications on nodejitsu and listen on non-80 ports is on our roadmap but has no associated timeline.
+## "Can I use jitsu with Cloud9 IDE (<>)?"
+Yes! Follow these steps to install jitsu.
+1. Install the latest npm
+`npm install -g npm`
+2. Install the latest jitsu
+`npm install jitsu`
+Now you can use jitsu as usual. If you get error, try the following:
+`npm rm -g jitsu`
+`npm cache clean`
## "How can I turn off the require-analyzer in jitsu? I want to manage my own dependencies!"
There are three ways to disable the require-analyzer:

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