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Mention javascript parser for redis

- hiredis doesn't work on nodejitsu, tell people to use the js parser instead
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@@ -184,12 +184,15 @@ You can connect to your redis with the `redis-cli` cli client:
or with the `redis` module:
var redis = require('redis');
- var client = redis.createClient(5309, '');
+ var options = { parser: 'javascript' };
+ var client = redis.createClient(5309, '', options);
client.auth('pass', function (err) {
if (err) { throw err; }
// You are now authed with your redis.
+**Note:** You have to explicitly tell `node_redis` to use its javascript parser instead of the one written in C, because the latter
+is causing problems on nodejitsu. Check out the other possible options in the [node redis docs](
## Environment Variable Management

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