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$ jitsu start
+## How to generate a SSL CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for my Custom Domain?
+You'll need to install [OpenSSL]( in your OS, you can install it with homebrew (Mac OSX) with `brew install openssl` or in Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) with `[sudo] apt-get install openssl`, or download the following binary distrubution for Windows [OpenSSL for Windows](
+You can generate your CSR with the following command:
+$ openssl req -new -keyout server.key -out server.csr
+Or you can follow the instructions of the following SSL providers:
+* [Comodo CSR Instructions](
+* [Digicert CSR Instructions](
+* [RapidSSL CSR Instructions](
+* [Thawte CSR Instructions](
+* [VeriSign CSR Instructions](
+## How to upload my SSL certificates to Nodejitsu?
+You can upload the certificates under the SSL tab in the application view on [WebOps]( admin interface.
+Make sure you have a Business plan account and your `package.json` is configured with the custom domains.
+Individual plans can't use Custom SSL but they can use our Free SSL service with `*` and `*`. Just prepend the `https://` and it's done.
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