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@@ -33,8 +33,10 @@ following steps:
1. Creates the application (if necessary)
2. Creates or validates the package.json
3. Packages and creates a new snapshot
-4. Stops the application (if necessary)
-5. Starts the application
+4. Starts the application
+If you had a previous deployment running, and the most recent deploy failed, your old
+application will contnue to run without interruption
### jitsu list (jitsu apps list)
@@ -77,6 +79,9 @@ In addition to the commands aliased to `jitsu create`, `jitsu deploy` and
`jitsu list`, the `apps` resource allows you to create, destroy, stop, start and
otherwise interact with your applications.
+If your app is in a stopped state, you will not be charged for it, ever. To put your
+app in a stopped state run `jitsu apps stop <appname>`.
### jitsu env <action>
Jitsu allows you to set environment variables on your production environment.

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