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Right now, the handbook is a collection of markdown files that are stacked together and parsed by ronn and make. I think we can do better.

Ideally, this is what we would want:

  1. An html representation.
  2. A .pdf or other "book" format.

It may make sense to build a docs-style site for our handbook, and then build an "equivalent" generator for .pdf documents.


Can we close this ore does there still need to be a reason for this to be open because we have pdf and html working


I think we're close. I agree that the current tools (ronn, make, etc) are sufficient for this task, but there are a few tweaks left I want to implement.


I'd actually like to postulate that we move awayfrom the ruby tool ronn and perhaps elect to use nodejs tools for both to make this much simpler on any system we may have


I'd be open to that, though we'd have to find these tools first.

If you have tools in mind for replacing ronn and htmldoc (I have a branch using pandoc but the gains were pretty negligible), feel free to bring them up.


we are now using blacksmith to generate the handbook website

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