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semicolon missing in hello world #25

gianpaj opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Gianfranco Palumbo Joshua Holbrook
Gianfranco Palumbo

In Write A Server:

res.write('<h1>hello, i know nodejitsu.</h1>')   <---- here

plus you i think you could use Syntax highlighting

Awesome service keep it up!

Joshua Holbrook

Hey @gianpa ! Glad you like the service. Also, good eye.

As far as syntax hilighting goes: We currently compile the markdown into a pdf, and ronn/friends don't support the triple-backticks syntax hilighting deliciousness.

Gianfranco Palumbo

it wasn't me it's my editor (Sublime Text) which has live "lint" :)

Marak closed this
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