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`jitsu` is built on a few well developed, well maintained Node.js libraries. The [Nodejitsu]( team and friends have been building and using these projects actively for the past two years. They are the most used Node libraries (see: []( and are actively maintained by Nodejitsu and other core members of the Node.js community. Each library serves a specific function and we highly suggest you check each one out individually if you wish to increase your knowledge of Node.js
- [npm]( - Node Package Manager
-- [colors]( - Terminal Colors module
-- [optimist]( - CLI Options Parsing
+- [colors]( - Terminal Colors module
+- [optimist]( - CLI Options Parsing
- [request]( - http request module
- [async]( - Asynchronous Iteration
- [vows]( - Asynchronous BDD testing library
-- [winston]( - Multi-transport logging library
+- [winston]( - Multi-transport logging library
### Need more?
The documentation for `jitsu` and the [Nodejitsu]( APIs is open-source and a work in-progress. For more information checkout the [Nodejitsu Handbook](

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