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# jitsu
CLI tool for easily deploying node.js applications on the Nodejitsu platform
+## Overview
+[Jitsu]( is a [Command Line Tool (CLI)]( for interacting with the Nodejitsu platform. It's open-source and easy to use. We've designed Jitsu to be suitable for command line beginners, but still be powerful and extensible enough for production usage. If you aren't a fan of the command line or don't have terminal access you can still do everything Jitsu can do through our web admin, [Samurai](
+Jitsu requires the npm, the node package manager.
## Installation
[sudo] npm install jitsu
-## Overview
- 1. Get an account [at Nodejitsu](
- 2. Prepare your application for deployment.
- 3. Boom! Deploy.
## Features
+We built this CLI using some amazing technologies we've been actively building with the community since 2009. jitsu is fully extendable and extremely modular ( see Libaries section).
- Allows for seamless deployment of your Node.js applications to the cloud
- Command Line Interface (CLI) maps directly to Nodejitu's public API
- Fully supports NPM dependency resolution on deployment to Nodejitsu
- - We built this CLI using some amazing technologies, this allows jitsu to be fully extendable and extremely modular ( see Libaries section)
+ - Integrated multi-level multi-transport logging support via Winston
## Usage
After installation, simply run the `jitsu` command from your command line. If it's your first time using `jitsu`, you will be prompted to login with an existing account or create a new account.

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