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Commits on Feb 19, 2013
  1. @AvianFlu

    [dist] Version bump, v0.12.1

    AvianFlu authored
  2. @AvianFlu

    Merge pull request #392 from nodejitsu/timeout-errs

    AvianFlu authored
    [fix] fix for differentiating socket hang up vs local timeouts
  3. @blakmatrix
Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @blakmatrix

    Merge pull request #391 from nodejitsu/check-version-fix

    blakmatrix authored
    [merge] Fixes jitsu not reporting new version
  2. @blakmatrix

    [fix][progress] makes sure bar always reaches 100% and omits progress…

    blakmatrix authored
    … bar if stdout is not TTY or jitsu was called with raw option
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @dscape

    [fix] Fixes jitsu not reporting new version

    dscape authored
    * Using the jitsu.log before init was making the code throw.
      Since it was in a try catch we never noticed.
      Until now...
    ![Stare Dad](
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
  1. @mmalecki
Commits on Feb 12, 2013
  1. @AvianFlu

    Merge pull request #387 from nodejitsu/allowing-parameters

    AvianFlu authored
    Allowing parameters
  2. @cronopio
  3. @cronopio
  4. @cronopio
  5. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.12.0

    indexzero authored
  6. @indexzero
  7. @indexzero
  8. @julianduque @indexzero

    [fix] missing comma

    julianduque authored indexzero committed
  9. @julianduque @indexzero

    [api test] added jitsu cloud list

    julianduque authored indexzero committed
  10. @cronopio @indexzero
  11. @cronopio @indexzero

    [tests] updated shouldAcceptAllCloudOptions() macro to setup both act…

    cronopio authored indexzero committed
    …ions: cloud and deploy
  12. @julianduque @indexzero

    [minor] add cloud to usage in general and apps

    julianduque authored indexzero committed
  13. @cronopio @indexzero

    [tests] macro shouldAcceptAllCloudOptions() modified to support --pro…

    cronopio authored indexzero committed
    …vider and --datacenter when using the `jitsu deploy` command
  14. @indexzero

    [api refactor test] Accept `--ram` in `jitsu cloud`. Refactor `drones…

    indexzero authored
    …` to be `--drones`. Test all possible argv combinations in the current directory and not for `jitsu cloud`.
  15. @indexzero
  16. @indexzero

    [minor] Style changes.

    indexzero authored
  17. @indexzero
  18. @cronopio @indexzero

    [minor] minor fix to get the correct value for datacenter when no app…

    cronopio authored indexzero committed
    …-name specified
  19. @cronopio @indexzero
  20. @indexzero
  21. @indexzero
  22. @indexzero
  23. @indexzero

    [api test] Added `jitsu cloud <provider> <datacenter> <drones>` and a…

    indexzero authored
    … basic nock test (currently failing).
  24. @cronopio @indexzero
  25. @cronopio @indexzero
  26. @indexzero

    [api test] Added `jitsu apps cloud` aliased to `jitsu cloud`. Only di…

    indexzero authored
    …splaying cloud information right now.
  27. @indexzero
  28. @indexzero
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