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  1. +15 −1 lib/jitsu.js
16 lib/jitsu.js
@@ -350,7 +350,21 @@ jitsu.showError = function (command, err, shallow, skip) {
else {
if (err.stack && !shallow) {
if(err.message && err.message === 'socket hang up'){
- //nothing
+ if (err.code){
+ if (err.code === 'ECONNRESET'){
+'\nThis error may indicate that the jitsu client\'s request');
+'timed out before the server could respond. If the application');
+'normally takes time to load, please wait a few minutes to see if');
+'the application deployed. Check the logs to see if there has been');
+'an error or logging output with `jitsu logs`.');
+ } else {
+'\nThis error may indicate that the nodejitsu drone that the');
+'application was deployed to may be experiencing difficulties');
+'running the application. Check the application logs with `jitsu logs` ');
+'to determine if there is an error or logging provided.');
+ }
+ }
} else {
err.stack.split('\n').forEach(function (trace) {

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