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Command to view details of database instances #143

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Johan Hernandez Daniel Aristizabal Joshua Holbrook
Johan Hernandez

It would be really cool to have a command to view the details of a database, it could be something like jitsu databases view my-db.
Useful information to show:

  • Plan Id
  • Current DB Size
  • Max DB Size
  • Tables/Collection counts.
  • Other quota details common for mongo, redis and couch databases.

I think this requires API enhancements. In the case of MongoDB, the MongoHQ API already provides details for the database here

    "db" : "weekly",
    "collections" : 4,
    "objects" : 16,
    "avgObjSize" : 76.25,
    "dataSize" : 1220,
    "storageSize" : 77312,
    "numExtents" : 5,
    "indexes" : 4,
    "indexSize" : 32768,
    "fileSize" : 201326592,
    "ok" : 1

Same with Redistogo:

  "vm_size": 0,
  "plan": "small",
  "persistence": "aof",
  "last_bgrewriteaof_at": null,
  "label": "server-9001",
  "created_at": "2010-12-20T00:35:22Z",
  "vm_page_size": 32,
  "master_password": null,
  "updated_at": "2010-12-20T00:35:22Z",
  "timeout": 150,
  "slave": false,
  "server_id": 1,
  "port": 9001,
  "memory": 104857600,
  "memory_limit_notification": false,
  "databases": 1,
  "id": 1,
  "hash_max_zipmap_value": 512,
  "vm_max_memory": 94371840,
  "version": "v2.0.4-stable",
  "user_id": 2,
  "snapshots": ["900 1", "300 10", "60 10000"],
  "hash_max_zipmap_entries": 64,
  "vm_enabled": false,
  "master_host": null,
  "appendfsync": "everysec",
  "activerehashing": true,
  "connections": 256,
  "status": "new",
  "password": "cc3da5b7aaaad5b4895d243239beed97",
  "last_backup_at": null,
  "vm_max_threads": 4,
  "master_port": null

I'd vote for just format the JSON result of the provider API since jitsu databases list already shows some pretty formatted information but is also very limited.

Marak commented


Daniel Aristizabal

+1 ;)

Marak commented

@cronopio - I've assigned the issue to you on Github. Looking forward to what you can do!


Johan Hernandez

+1 Nice!

Joshua Holbrook

@cronopio Can you give me a status update on this? I know we've talked about this before.

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