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I couldn't see this anywhere so I apologize if it's already there, but being able to listen to the logs with jitsu logs would be really nice, instead of being limited to a given number of lines, a bit like tail -f.


chjj commented May 31, 2012

This a top priority right now. Should be available soon. :)

Amazing thanks :)


jfhbrook commented Sep 25, 2012

I just wanted to clarify that this is still in the works.

+1. Also the logs seem to output in reverse order. I would expect the lastest timestamps at the bottom, but they appear at the top


yawnt commented Oct 7, 2012

The reverse order in the logs has already been fixed in #328

bdefore commented Oct 29, 2012

Would love to have the ability to tail the log live. I have noticed that 'jitsu logs' often does not come back with the most recent server output.

+1 on tail -f functionality!

Not sure this helps but I've put this together. By logging everything to MongoDB on the server side into a capped collection, and then using mongodb's stream() in the 1.2.x driver as well as the tailable option, the output can be sent as and when the collection is updated. Still haven't figured out how to close the streams if the client closes the connection though.

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acoll commented Feb 23, 2013


atuttle commented Mar 7, 2013


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chadn commented May 8, 2013


top priority, 1 yr later?



julianduque commented Jun 24, 2013

Hello, this will happen soon, we are working on a major infrastructure refactor and this will be included.

How is it going? +1

ahume commented Aug 6, 2013



mmalecki commented Aug 16, 2013

Closing this. Implemented with jitsu logs tail in newest jitsu. You need to upgrade your apps with jitsu apps start to make streaming logs available.


@mmalecki mmalecki closed this Aug 16, 2013

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